Portico St. John



Location: 45 Monroe St Westminster, Maryland 21157

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45 Monroe St Westminster, Maryland 21157



How Did Project Go

After St. John’s Catholic Church built a new church, they hired Dean R. Camlin to convert the old octagonal church building into a dining hall, which was later renamed the “Portico.” This view of the hall features the radial beams reflecting the original roof structure. Visible on the right is the supporting bulkhead for the new retractable partition, which can divide the room in half for concurrent events. Photography by Howard Doughty.

planning drawing Portico St. John
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“My wife Mary and I first met Dean Camlin some 20 years ago when we were searching for an architect that could make Mary’s lifelong dream a reality by creating the perfect environment for preschool children to thrive and flourish. He listened carefully to her concepts and then applied his considerable skills to create Little Peoples Place into a facility that has proven to meet all of her expectations. Literally, thousands of children have been introduced to the concept of learning while having fun in the building Dean designed.

“We have done a number of smaller projects since then and have always found Dean very easy to communicate with. He explains architectural issues in ways that can be understood by those not in the field. His integrity is beyond reproach and his many years of experience are invaluable when you need to get a problem solved or a job done. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an architect.”

– William Burke, Owner
Little People’s Place